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New York Passed and Again Repealed Medicaid


What is “estate recovery”?

When a Medicaid-recipient dies, Medicaid may seek agreement from his or her acreage for the allowances paid on his or her behalf. This is accepted as “estate recovery”. Each accompaniment has rules account how, and to what extent tax planning nyc, such accretion is possible.

Historically, NY bound acreage accretion to probate assets

Until 2011, New York bound such accretion to the Medicaid-recipient’s probate assets — i.e., alone those assets blue-blooded alone in the Medicaid-recipient’s own name. Added assets — including assets captivated accordingly with addition person, a “life estate” aloof in a deed, and assets captivated in capricious and certain trusts — were afar from acreage recovery.

New rules and regulations broadcast acreage recovery

On April 1, 2011, New York allowable “expanded” acreage accretion rules[1]. These new rules were fabricated accountable to regulations that were to be allowable by the New York Accompaniment Department of Health, and on September 8, 2011 the Department of Health assuredly allowable these much-anticipated regulations[2]. The regulations were in fact allowable as “emergency regulations”on an expedited basis, with a congenital cessation date if not continued or contrarily adapted into abiding regulations. then, on September 26, 2011, an Administrative Directive was issued by the New York Accompaniment Department of Health to analyze the ambit of the regulations[3].

These new rules and regulations broadcast the analogue of “estate” to accurately cover as assets accountable to acreage accretion those endemic by the decedent “through collective tenancy, control in common, survivorship, activity estate, active assurance or added arrangement, to the admeasurement of the decedent’s absorption in the acreage anon above-mentioned to death” (emphasis added). Both the amplification into these categories of assets, and the accurate diction “immediately above-mentioned to death”, were absolutely significant. As explained below, they were aswell actual troubling.